With great pleasure we will organize events out of you dreams, according to a scenario based on tradition or according to your idea.

We will do everything that the most important moments in your life will remain unforgettable not only for you but also for your guests!


We ensure extensive service of our guests. In the stylishly furnished canteen, the head chef serves dishes based on the traditional regional cuisine.

There are also organized dancing evenings, meetings and other events that diversify the free time of our guests.
The head chef invites for traditional Polish white borsch and loin of pork a'la Polish old cuisine.

In the restaurant part of our object we propose delicious dinner dishes for the guests visiting Niechorze.


In the same room there is also café where you can spend nice time at cup of good coffee or a bit stronger drink.

In the café part and in the pavement café you can have a rest and relax after everyday efforts.